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The Next Step in Music Monetization

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In this day and age, music is easier to access and listen to than ever before. Fans don’t have to create their own collection by compiling CDs, records, or even paying for downloading songs online-like they once did. Now, millions of songs and albums are available on-demand with the tap of a button.

For the listener, it couldn’t get any better. However, music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music are continuing to reap the benefits all while giving very little to the creators-the backbone of their success.

For every stream, artists make on average $0.004. Keep in mind this is an industry average and many creators are making much less than a meager four-tenths of a penny. To put this in perspective, if an artist wants to make $1,000 before taxes they would have to amass 250,000 streams. This may not seem like a lot when looking at big-name creators but for the “little guy” 250,000 streams on a platform with tens of thousands of creators all vying for attention, can seem impossible.

For the lucky few that make it to that level of success (and even the majority who don't), the question is, what's next? Well, when no visibility is offered to engage or even know who is listening there really is no next step.

Almost every business around the world, from massive corporations, to mom and pop shops, has tools to analyze existing customers, potential customers, demographics, etc. to target and market directly to them. Why should the music industry be any different?

Imagine a platform that gives artists complete visibility to their fans and provides the opportunity and ability to seek them out and build a fanbase from the ground up. Also a platform where artists are not limited to revenue based solely on streaming. Vocana is the long-awaited shake-up this industry needs. Merchandising, music purchases, event promotion, streaming, analytics, and data are all in one place. Vocana puts musicians first and encourages them to reach their fanbase and build revenue on their brand. Learn more about Vocana by visiting our website or get involved by investing in our vision that will change the game for artists everywhere.

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