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Where Artists & Fans Unite

We aren't just another streaming platform. 
We are the most complete music career management platform on the planet.
Vocana is dedicated to creating a place where every artist thrives,
whether you've been in the business for years or are just starting out.
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Our Story

Vocana was created to level the playing field for independent musicians across the board, including artists, bands, labels, managers, producers, publishers, songwriters, venues, and more. 

Our Vision

We strive to empower artists to take back control of the data and revenue streams at their disposal to further build their music careers through streaming, digital and physical music sales, and merch. 

Our Technology

Our Native Web and iOS Application are currently being tested and set to release in Summer of 2021. Scroll down to find out how you can become one of the first musicians on Vocana.


How it works

Merch Desktop

Merchandising Tools

We'll handle everything from inventory to customer service. We use a simple drop-ship model that allows you to create personalized digital storefronts with no upfront or overhead costs. Use our built-in pricing tool to set your own margins and tag merch to tracks during music upload to cross-market while your fans are listening.


Our trusted partners provide secure payments and consistent, high-quality clothing options for your fans to consume.

Direct Fan Engagement

Increase profitability without lifting a finger. Our internal notification system automatically alerts your followers when you upload new music, events, or merch.

We empower artists with relevant business metrics and give management actionable insights into the market. Know who is listening to your music with our cross-platform data and analytics engine. Track all of your revenue verticles in one place, including streaming royalties, digital music sales, and merchandise. 

analytics mobile
analytics mobile
royalties desktop

Transparent Monthly Payouts

Keep more of the money you earn and get paid faster. You'll finally understand your revenue breakdown with our digital Wallet. Royalties based on market share are calculated monthly, combined with merch sales, and paid directly to your account. 


Put your original tracks, albums, and merch directly on Vocana with no middlemen. Add collaborators and automate royalty splits from the moment you upload. Our transparent accounting system makes it easier than ever to manage and disperse all revenues and royalties.


Keep the rights to everything you upload or assign rights holders 

Reporting on listener demographics, music reach, performance, and sales 

Centralized view of all music and events created by band managers

Keep fans engaged with internal, email, and push notifications

Ad-free listening for you and your fans, even with our free account 

Sync your playlists from Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music 

Promote upcoming appearances, tours, and live streaming events

Virtual Tip Jar links directly to your Venmo account

Transparent digital wallet to track all your revenue streams in one place

CDN integrated for fast file uploads; Helmet and ACL for security 

Trusted partners, integrated APIs, and secure payment gateway, Stripe

Connect the merchandise you create to your songs for increased visibility

Artist Toolsets

"A recent Citigroup report indicates that musicians only gained 12% of $43 billion generated in the industry in 2017. 


This alarming statistic proves that while the industry is still a profitable enterprise, the musicians who actively produce that richness, are left as the starving artists." 

Musician Wave | March 2021
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This invite-only beta launch event begins Summer 2021.

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